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Rods come in all shapes and sizes but each has it's niche. Generally the more you pay for the rod, the better the construction and components such as guides or rollers, reel seat and grips.

Don't forget if you need a guide or tip replaced on a rod we can perform that service at any of our Top Catch locations.

Important information for Graphite rod owners.

Here are a few things you need to know about high modulus or graphite rods. These rods are stiffer, lighter and stronger than conventional rods in all respects while fishing, but they are very fragile when bent in any direction other than the one intended by the manufacturer, during normal fishing they will not break except If you:

  1. Try and lift a fish into the boat using the rod rather than lifting it by the trace or using a net or gaff.
  2. Or try and clear a snag using the rod, if snagged on the bottom, let out a few metres of line, put the rod down, and free the line using a towel wrapped around your hand especially with braid.
  3. Or if a fish unexpectedly swims under the boat and you keep your rod Horizontal, if this happens lift your rod butt to reduce this angle.

Never bend a graphite rod with your thumb along the rod

Most Graphite rods are broken by:

  1. People demonstrating how bendy they are to their mates especially after a few beers.
  2. Being jammed in the car door.
  3. Being jammed in a rod holder.
  4. Being bashed against a hard object, Roof of a boat, side of a boat.
  5. Being stood on.
  6. Freeing a snag on the bottom.
  7. Swinging aboard a fish, which as it swings close to vertical pulls down on the tip of the rod and point loads it.
  8. Threading line through the eyes and then pulling it down at a side angle rather than with the direction of the guides.

If a rod is faulty it will break the first time it is loaded up, around 1 in every 100 graphite rods are faulty.  Our staff members have broken rods after unpacking, the first time the rod was loaded up, all our rods have been bent under load just for that reason before they are put out for sale.

 It is possible for a rod to break on a fish, however this is very rare and the rod has almost always has taken a sharp knock creating a weakness beforehand, the rod then breaks under load.

 We want you to get years of enjoyment from your rod, and if you follow this advice you will, all of the rods and reels we sell are Guaranteed, and we will honour that warranty, in all cases where a rod has been broken by misuse, we and the manufacturer will provide a replacement rod at a heavily reduced price, and if there is a genuine defect full replacement.

Happy Fishing - Top Catch 

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